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Holistic development
Further education

Career with TRACOE

Striving for responsibility, managing projects and leading teams? A career at TRACOE means choosing and following your own individual career path - with a strong partner at your side who provides the necessary support. TRACOE therefore offers its employees a wide range of development opportunities within the framework of specialist and management careers.

We support our employees along the classic career path and promote their advancement to management with personnel and project responsibility. We also support our employees in the context of their specialist careers, through which they become sought-after and relevant experts in their respective fields. And clearly, cross-departmental career opportunities are also part of the offer at TRACOE.

Valerij Keiner - Junior Project Manager Development, on his career at TRACOE

For five years I was employed at TRACOE, initially as a production worker. After some time, I then switched to the engineering department. In addition to manufacturing series products, I often took over prototype construction for new developments and was involved in the transition from development to series production. The proximity to development also led to the offer to start as a laboratory assistant in development. After the first project, I was asked directly if I wanted to implement development projects myself as a junior project manager. I found the idea and the task of being able to help design the product during development exciting, in order to make production easier for my colleagues through good product design. I definitely didn't regret switching to development.
"It's exciting to be able to shape the product as it's being developed."

Become part of our team

and contribute to us with your personal strengths.

67 per cent of managers at TRACOE have been given personnel responsibility for the first time at this company.

"Just do something different and develop".

Lukas Friedrich - Quality Control Officer, on his career at TRACOE

At TRACOE, I first worked in production and thus got to know the manufacture of the different products across all production steps. When an employee was needed for the Quality Control department and I applied for the job, this knowledge was of course a real advantage. I knew a lot of the procedures because I had done them often enough myself. This gives you a completely different view of the sources of errors. I enjoyed my work in production, but I just wanted to do something different and develop myself.