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Holistic development
Further education

Holistic development at TRACOE

A person can only perform optimally if all areas of their life are largely in harmony. TRACOE tries to support its employees in this. In addition to "classic" training and further education, TRACOE offers, among other things, a health promotion programme.

When developing employees, the focus is often only on mental abilities. However, holistic development must not ignore the body, especially in an ageing society.

Within the framework of a health promotion programme, TRACOE offers its employees the opportunity to also be active in this area. In addition to sports and company medical services, one focus is on the prevention of accidents and work-related illnesses.

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Katharina Schessler - Quality Control Officer, on health promotion offers at TRACOE

Since I often sit down a lot in my work, I urgently need a balance after work. That's why I like to take advantage of the company's back training programme. I also take part in the Mainz company run every year with the TRACOE team. However, the personal best time is not that important to me, but rather the sporting community with colleagues from all departments.
"I need sport for balance"
"TRACOE gave me the tools".

Angelika Enders - Deputy Head of Human Resources, on her coaching at TRACOE

TRACOE's strong company growth has also brought many positive changes and exciting challenges for me. After I had initially been responsible for all human resources issues within the company as a personnel officer for a long time, the enormous development quickly led to the need for a department that could manage and continue to satisfy the significantly increased number of customers, also externally. I was very happy about the trust TRACOE had placed in me to entrust me with the management of this department - Human Resources - and thus to be promoted to a manager.

My personal development as head of department was a challenge that I was very happy to take on. TRACOE provided me with the appropriate "tools" for this: the coaching at Cathagis, for example, helped me to settle into my new role and in this way to develop not only professionally but also personally. For example, I learned to reflect more on myself and to look holistically at the concerns of the company and the employees. Shortly before I retire, this has also prompted me to give up my "post" as head of department in order to be able to step back a little. After more than 20 years in the company, I can definitely say: TRACOE not only looks after its employees, but also makes sure that they look after themselves and their colleagues.