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Holistic development
Further education

Qualification at TRACOE

As one of the leading manufacturers in our industry, our goal is to continue to grow steadily and to continuously expand our national and international market position - but this is only possible with motivated and qualified employees! Lifelong learning is an asset that TRACOE demands and promotes. That is why we offer a wide range of internal and external training courses and seminars across all departments, in which experienced coaches pass on their expertise.

However, success requires not only knowledge, but also personality. Regardless of the type or level of training, TRACOE therefore offers its employees the opportunity to develop their skills in areas such as communication, team building, negotiation skills, foreign languages, intercultural cooperation, MS Office or organisation and management - on site and within working hours.

It is our commitment to provide our employees with all the skills and abilities they need to meet their professional requirements.

Julia Bohm - Content Marketing Officer, for qualification at TRACOE

Even after 20 years, I don't get bored with TRACOE. On the contrary, new opportunities are always opening up! Personally, I first went through various positions within sales, worked as an assistant to the sales manager, as a regional and later as a senior sales manager in international field sales - and have now landed in content marketing. How and why did I qualify for this?

At TRACOE, I never had to limit myself to just one task, but was always given the freedom and support to think outside the box. For example, I have conducted product training for employees and have always helped to design and create advertising material. I write content, mainly copy, for all promotional material, including brochures, newsflashes, blogs, website copy, catalogues, social media posts and more. I also write scripts for TRACOE product and training videos and we even design and manage entire theme and product campaigns.

It's just so much fun to be able to work so creatively and, of course, to help the company move forward in the process! Because with such materials we can address our customers, patients, users and specialist dealers at home and abroad in an even more targeted way and bring our products and our service to the different markets at the right time on the right channels.
"Always new opportunities"

Become part of our team

and contribute to us with your personal strengths.

Loops are possible in numerous areas. Furthermore, TRACOE pays for one training per employee per year, which can be freely chosen by the employee.

annual training
"Good tools in the case never hurt"

Axel Steege - Supply Chain Management Officer, for qualification in Excel and labour law

My move to TRACOE meant quite a change for me back then. On the one hand, as a self-confessed North German, I moved to Rheinhessen. On the other hand, the position as a Supply Chain Management Officer was a new challenge for me. That's why I'm glad that TRACOE offers a lot in the area of qualification. So far I have taken part in an Excel course and a course on labour law. I think it's good that I get additional tools that I can use directly in my daily work. That's why I will continue to take advantage of as many training opportunities as possible in the future, because "it never hurts to have good tools in your suitcase".