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Our Responsibility

With regard to our sustainability and our goal of helping to shape a sustainable future, we as a manufacturer of medical technology must broaden our perspective beyond our core competencies. That is why we have firmly anchored our corporate responsibility for a sustainable, innovative and profitable continued existence in our corporate culture, in order to improve people's quality of life.
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Future-oriented, progressive action
Whether patient, user, employee or partner - people are at the heart of everything we do. At TRACOE, we are convinced that our corporate responsibility, which is geared towards human needs, is the key to creating a sustainable and liveable future for present and future generations. Our contribution covers the dimensions of economy (sustainable business), ecology (environment) as well as social and cultural aspects (people), which can also be seen as the rotor blades of the windmill of our sustainable future.
Sustainable management
We see the orientation towards the constantly changing needs of our customers as well as social and market changes as an opportunity to be able to shape something new. In order to fulfil our corporate responsibility along the entire value chain, both now and in the future, we adapt our actions to the needs of our customers and the changes affecting us. This enables us to operate sustainably, innovatively and profitably.
The protection of the climate and the environment as the basis of human life is considered one of the most urgent challenges facing society. For this reason, we take a holistic view of the impact of our business activities on ecology and focus on efficient production processes and the responsible use of resources. In this way, we succeed in firmly anchoring our responsibility towards the environment in our contribution to society.
Our employees are the decisive factor for achieving the goals of our "Quality by People for People" strategy and for creating sustainable success. That is why we attach great importance to sustainable human resources management, in order to promote individual skills and to live together as a community. With our actions oriented towards the common good across company boundaries, we are committed to maintaining a society worth living in - each individual contributes his or her share.