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Quality by people
for people

- that is the guiding principle of TRACOE medical GmbH located in Nieder-Olm (Rhineland-Palatinate). We are one of the leading developers and manufacturers of medical products and aids for tracheotomized and ventilated patients. The focus of our premium product portfolio is on tracheostomy tubes for patient care - in hospitals as well as the home care sector.

Know-how and Teamwork

The secrets of TRACOE's success have always included the concentration of expert knowledge and know-how at our home location in Nieder-Olm, and the close, trusting, and seamless cooperation between our various specialist departments.

Research & Development

Our in-house think tank is constantly working on improving existing products and developing tomorrow's innovations.


Our products are produced with the highest precision and care by hand at our Nieder-Olm site.

Regulatory Affairs

The Regulatory Affairs department ensures the approval of our innovations by validating the safety, quality, and efficacy of our products daily.


Our products are distributed in over 90 countries worldwide. A stable and secure supply chain is the most important thing to us.

Human Resources

Our guarantee of success are qualified and motivated employees. The Human Resources team is in charge of personnel management and development.


Our in-house agency is in charge of our image cultivation and the creation of all marketing materials.

Process- and Project Management & IT

Our experienced staff ensures smoothly run processes, projects, and IT infrastructure.

Product Management

The Product Management team oversees all of our products from development and production through to market launch.

Finance & Purchasing

The core tasks of Purchasing range from the selection of suppliers to the procurement and provision of suitable products.

What Drives Us
Improving the quality of life of patients and the treatment success of medical staff - that is our vision and drives us every day. Proximity to patients and a trusting relationship with doctors have been our top priorities for more than 60 years.
A company with history
- a job with a future
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Together - making life easier
Atos Medical and Tracoe Medical have joined forces to make life easier for people with a cervical stoma.
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Together - making life easier

Atos Medical and Tracoe Medical have joined forces to make life easier for people with a cervical stoma.