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At TRACOE medical and throughout the Atos Medical Group, we take seriously our duty to act ethically in accordance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. We believe that this kind of compliance makes us a better company when it comes to providing products and services to patients and healthcare professionals.

We live our values

TRACOE medical and Atos are characterised by a close-knit and patient-oriented staff network. We support and empower those affected and each other. Respect and integrity are at the heart of how we do business. Our Code of Conduct is the common basis for compliance and ethical behaviour and serves as a guideline in day-to-day business.

Download Code of Conduct (PDF)

Address concerns

If you are concerned that the Code of Conduct has been violated, talk to your manager. If you have concerns about raising the issue with your manager, contact the Compliance Officer or use our Speak Up Hotline on our external website.

Concerns regarding employment or health and safety issues should be directed to Head Office or the local Human Resources Department. Concerns about product safety or compliance should always be directed to the head office or local quality management department.

Contact Compliance:

Email: compliance@atosmedical.com

Speak up Hotline: +46 415 169 72