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Surprise donation at the beginning of the New Year for Haus St. Martin

TRACOE medical GmbH collected money for a "good cause" as part of a raffle campaign.

TRACOE medical GmbH collected money for a "good cause" as part of a raffle campaign. The employees eagerly participated in the campaign in the pre-Christmas period, as they did not want to miss the chance to win 3 main prizes and many other lucrative prizes. The campaign was successful and in no time all the raffle tickets were sold and an amount of 1,000 euros was collected.

"Of course, proceeds from such campaigns are passed on directly, and this time the focus was on the Haus St. Martin in Ingelheim, virtually in the neighbourhood," says Dr Thomas Jurisch, Managing Director of TRACOE medical GmbH, and continues that "the Haus St. Martin in Ingelheim makes a very important contribution to children and young people with severe and multiple disabilities 365 days a year, and that can only be honoured! We are happy to hand over our donation, because we can certainly make a small contribution to a heartfelt project!".

Daniel Krudewig expresses his gratitude for the large donation cheque and the special commitment of the TRACOE staff. "They help to maintain the important services at Haus St. Martin, which gives 50 adolescents with complex impairments between the ages of 0 and 27 from all over Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse and even Germany a home worth loving and living in. They benefit the continuation of the renovation of our aging bathrooms, which contribute to the children's demanding care requirements and give them feel-good moments.

Information about the House of St. Martin can be found here.

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