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TRACOE medical expands range for neonatesand children

Launch of the new "TRACOE silcosoft" product line

Launch of the new "TRACOE silcosoft" product line

With the "TRACOE silcosoft" line, TRACOE medical GmbH is expanding its product range for neonates and children. In the course of this, TRACOE medical is adding silicone to its portfolio. To this end, the company has built its own silicone plant at the Nieder-Olm site, with an investment volume of 1.3 million euros. TRACOE medical GmbH is thus intensifying its activities in a globally important business field and setting the course for further growth in this highly specialised segment. There are only very few suppliers worldwide who offer paediatric cannulas in this variety.

Up to now, TRACOE had two children's cannulas in its portfolio with the "mini" product line under the "kids" group, TRACOE has had two paediatric cannulas in its portfolio. With "silcosoft" the company is now expanding the group by eight to a total of ten different tracheostomy tubes. They have been adapted to the special needs of newborns and toddlers, whose anatomical structures for physique, breathing and phonation are constantly developing. For the care of small tracheostomy patients, products are therefore needed that correspond to the child's body size and growth phase, but also to the degree of maturity of its respiratory organs and airways.

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