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Treat stenoses in 4 steps

The dilation catheter is inserted under bronchoscopic vision and the balloon is placed precisely at the stenosis.
The doctor fills the balloon of the catheter with sterile
water, which expands the balloon evenly and radially displaces the
stenosis in a controlled manner.
The innovative non-slip design of the balloon was
specially developed for fixation to the stenosis, provides
stability and supports the dilatation process.
Setting the optimal pressure leads to a
constant displacement of the stenosis.

TRACOE aeris Balloon Dilatation Catheter

The TRACOE aeris balloon dilation catheter is intended for dilating airway strictures. Minimally invasive balloon dilatation is an efficient, atraumatic treatment method for soft stenoses.

The dilatation balloon is characterised by the following features:

  • innovative non-slip design
  • Precise, secure placement
  • controlled, radial dilation (non-compliant)
  • Constant displacement of the stenosis
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Additional TRACOE aeris product features

TRACOE aeris offers a wide range of sizes. The connections are colour coded and correspond to the display on the TRACOE high pressure inflation device for the correct pressure setting.

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TRACOE high pressure inflation device

The TRACOE high pressure inflation device is recommended for performing balloon dilatation procedures, for example, with the TRACOE aeris Balloon Dilatation Catheter for the treatment of laryngotracheal stenoses, for filling and deflating the balloon and for monitoring the pressure in the dilatation balloon. The one-part disposable instrument may only be used with liquid inflation media.

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